Moscow Airport

A couple of snaps from inside the now famous International Transit Zone.  Burger King serves beer, how could I resist?  

A Day and Night in Helsinki

With just a couple hour ferry ride from Tallinn we decided to spend a day and night in Finland.  The ferries are massive, complete with grocery store, plenty of bars and restaurants, full cafeteria and on the way over there was live music in the ball room. Since our time was limited we took the […]

The KGB Hotel – Tallinn

Another relic from the old Soviet days, Estonia has Hotel Viru, the first high rise tourist hotel in Tallinn.  Officially there were 22 floors but a keen observer would notice a 23rd floor if you count the windows from the ground outside.  As travel and tourism were’t really allowed in Soviet times, any guest at […]

A Few Days in Estonia

After leaving the forest in Latvia we headed toward the coast in Estonia.  But on the way we needed to stop for a hike in the forests of Estonia.  Each hiking day our aim was around 10K and Sunny would plan the route and Todd would keep us on track with his GPS.  We had […]

The Secret Soviet Bunker – Latvia

Back in the good old Cold War days the party leaders in Latvia figured they needed a bunker with command and control capabilities in the event of a war with the West.  It was disclosed to the public in 2003 but has remained untouched (or maybe slightly refurbished?) and is now open for public tours. […]

A Few Days in Latvia

We met up with our friends from Saudi, Sunny and Todd, who have purchased a RV and are driving around Europe.  We decided to join the road trip in Riga, Latvia and then up to Estonia and then an impulsive visit to Helsinki, Finland (we were so close, we really couldn’t resist the temptation).  Our […]
Shani in RAK

Road Trip to RAK

After taking longer than expected to get settled in, we’re finally ready to start exploring!  We’ve been having day trips to explore the areas around us and going to Kite Beach but this was our first full weekend trip away.  Of course, there was a long search for the proper dog kennel facilities for Sebastian, […]

Swimming with the Whale Sharks – Oslob, Philippines

This was probably number one on the to do list for our visit to the Philippines (Who am I kidding, this was definitely on the very top of Shani’s list!).  It was our first destination and we would have stayed longer but there are just so many incredible places to visit and our time was […]

10 Days in the Philippines

10 days is just not enough time!  There are 7000 islands to explore and with the limited amount of time we had we could barely scratch the surface.  We flew into Manila and then straight to Cebu to begin our adventure.  We went from Abu Dhabi on an over night flight (we got a cheap […]

East of Khurais and Stuck in the Sand – KSA

A long long time ago the eastern half of Saudi Arabia was under water.  As a result there are a lot of marine fossils and coral and limestone to be found when out and about in the desert (or the bouldering wadi we went to which was all limestone).  Our guide book has a day […]
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