Swimming with the Whale Sharks – Oslob, Philippines

This was probably number one on the to do list for our visit to the Philippines (Who am I kidding, this was definitely on the very top of Shani’s list!).  It was our first destination and we would have stayed longer but there are just so many incredible places to visit and our time was […]

10 Days in the Philippines

10 days is just not enough time!  There are 7000 islands to explore and with the limited amount of time we had we could barely scratch the surface.  We flew into Manila and then straight to Cebu to begin our adventure.  We went from Abu Dhabi on an over night flight (we got a cheap […]

East of Khurais and Stuck in the Sand – KSA

A long long time ago the eastern half of Saudi Arabia was under water.  As a result there are a lot of marine fossils and coral and limestone to be found when out and about in the desert (or the bouldering wadi we went to which was all limestone).  Our guide book has a day […]

Our Trip to Rawdat Khoraim – KSA

Apparently this is the most densely vegetated area within 100km of Riyadh.  We took a picnic lunch and headed out on a Saturday in January.  The weather was very mild unlike the really cold days we’ve been having in Riyadh.  There are multiple places to park and originally we chose the most obvious place just […]

Where We’ve Been So Far – Our Travel Maps

So the Matador network has a pretty cool page that lets you click on all the countries you’ve visited and it highlights them on a map.  As of the end of 2014, here’s the one for Shani and mine is right after. (We’d both like to count North Cyprus but the map doesn’t support it) […]

Camel Trail #1, South of Riyadh – KSA

On the first weekend of the new year we took the Silver Camel out to find one of the ancient tracks up the Tuwaiq escarpment.  The guide book we have, Desert Treks from Riyadh, says that there are at least 4 tracks leading up that were made in ancient times to ease the movement of camels and […]

Christmas in Cyprus

As Christmas isn’t really celebrated in KSA and we were in need of some holiday cheer (and some ocean, some hiking, and some driving on the wrong side of the road) we booked a trip over to Cyprus for the holiday week.  It was great to see the ocean again!  We enjoyed our selves quite […]

The Camel Beauty Contest, KSA

I had no idea that camel beauty contest were a thing but they are!  There is some serious prize money involved as well.  Vice has a short video about a contest in UAE and the winner gets $1,000,000!  The KSA Camel Festival, located in Um Rgabah in the Dahna Desert about 310 km northeast from Riyadh, is split over […]

Our First Bouldering Trip, KSA

Armed with some new info about a recently discovered area that has bouldering potential, we loaded the Silver Camel and headed south of town.  The GPS did it’s job and an hour and forty-five minutes later we were there.  On the way we saw a few camels here and there and a truck full too! […]

Our Trip to the Balkans – Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia

Had an amazing trip through these three countries.  In Saudi Arabia when it’s the end of Haj and the Eid holidays everything shuts down and all the ex-pats go on holiday.  So this go around we hit Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia.  It was a fascinating trip.  Seeing the Dalmatian coast and the walled cities was […]
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