Squaw Valley and Tahoe City

As I mentioned in my burrito quest post, hiking was high on the agenda during our short trip to California. After Pasadena we dropped the car off at the Hertz drop off (an awesome rental experience, thanks Hertz!) and did the Bataan Death March from the parking garage to the departure terminal at Bob Hope […]

The Great Burrito Quest

One of the things we miss most while living in the Middle East are pine forests. The serenity of a nice hike and being immersed in nature is such a restorative event and it was the top item on Shani’s agenda for our whirlwind trip to California.  And burritos! Not for Shani of course, but burritos […]
Tallest building in the world

Day Trip to Dubai

Over the last year Shani and I had taken a couple of tourist day trips to Dubai and we had narrowed down some of the must see things when we put together an itinerary for site seeing with my parents.  Our plan was to not tell them any details in case we had to jettison […]

Trip to the Auto Museum – Abu Dhabi

One of the first things we did when my parents came to visit us here in Abu Dhabi was a trip out to the Emirates National Auto Museum.  It’s a bit out of town and we figured it would be a good half day trip and my folks could nap in the car on the […]

Abu Dhabi Skyline

At this point in our adventures we’ve been calling Abu Dhabi home for just a year.  One of the things we absolutely love about our deluxe apartment in the sky is the incredible view we get out of all of the rooms! We’ve been lucky enough to see the city in crystal clear weather, crazy fog, […]

A Weekend in Fujairah

In the middle of March my parents came out for a visit to the U.A.E. and I went into full tour guide mode.  We had debated a trip back up to RAK as the hotel and beaches were just so incredible but we opted for a trip to the opposite side of U.A.E. and the […]

Moscow Airport

A couple of snaps from inside the now famous International Transit Zone inside the Moscow Airport.  Burger King serves beer, how could I resist?  

A Day and Night in Helsinki

With just a couple hour ferry ride from Tallinn we decided to spend a day and night in Finland.  The ferries are massive, complete with grocery store, plenty of bars and restaurants, full cafeteria and on the way over there was live music in the ball room. Since our time was limited we took the […]

The KGB Hotel – Tallinn

Another relic from the old Soviet days, Estonia has Hotel Viru, the first high rise tourist hotel in Tallinn.  Officially there were 22 floors but a keen observer would notice a 23rd floor if you count the windows from the ground outside.  As travel and tourism were’t really allowed in Soviet times, any guest at […]

Enjoying Estonia

After leaving the forest in Latvia we headed toward the coast in Estonia.  But on the way we needed to stop for a hike in the forests of Estonia.  Each hiking day our aim was around 10K and Sunny would plan the route and Todd would keep us on track with his GPS.  We had […]
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