The Camel Beauty Contest, KSA

I had no idea that camel beauty contest were a thing but they are!  There is some serious prize money involved as well.  Vice has a short video about a contest in UAE and the winner gets $1,000,000!  The KSA Camel Festival, located in Um Rgabah in the Dahna Desert about 310 km northeast from Riyadh, is split over […]

Our First Bouldering Trip, KSA

Armed with some new info about a recently discovered area that has bouldering potential, we loaded the Silver Camel and headed south of town.  The GPS did it’s job and an hour and forty-five minutes later we were there.  On the way we saw a few camels here and there and a truck full too! […]

Our Trip to the Balkans – Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia

Had an amazing trip through these three countries.  In Saudi Arabia when it’s the end of Haj and the Eid holidays everything shuts down and all the ex-pats go on holiday.  So this go around we hit Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia.  It was a fascinating trip.  Seeing the Dalmatian coast and the walled cities was […]

A couple of days in Uruguay

While we were down in Brazil we had the good fortune to take a trip to Uruguay.  We really enjoyed the days we spent in Montevideo and would love to go back and experience the country a bit more.  The airport was an incredible piece of architecture, shaped like a bending wing.  The inside was […]

A Day in the DQ, KSA

On a chilly November Friday we took a little field trip to the Diplomatic Quarter. It’s this part of Riyadh that houses all of the Embassies and staff. There are quite a few parks and a trail that goes around the whole quarter. It’s also an abaya free zone! (Actually it’s more of an abaya […]

Tibet Trip Gallery

Such an amazing trip! We went overland from Kathmandu to Lhasa and then back. Well almost overland. Rains caused a flood that wiped out a village and the road from the Tibet border to Kathmandu. Our options were an impromptu trek or a helicopter ride. We opted for the lift over the devastation rather than […]

Kathmandu, Nepal

Before heading into Tibet, I spent 2 weeks in Nepal. Shani flew in a few days before we took off and we had some time to explore while our visa was getting processed. Kathmandu has changed a lot in the 12 years since she was last here. If her memory is correct, there is a […]

One Day in Hong Kong

We took the long way to Saudi Arabia from California via Hong Kong. We figured a long layover and a day around town would probably be a good adventure and our last opportunity to see the sea and some green before the sands of KSA. It’s really easy to hop the train and do a […]

One Day In Shanghai

On our way back to the States from Sri Lanka we had a long layover in Shanghai (around 8 hours). We hired a local guide for the day which was awesome. She took care of the itinerary, transportation and paid for everything so we didn’t have to waste time finding an ATM and getting stuck […]

Touring Sri Lanka

We really enjoyed our tour of Sri Lanka, especially the wildlife! We saw an unbelievable number of elephants even though there was some rain that kept them in the bush. Our driver was very good and even surprised Shani with a gluten free cake for her birthday!
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