Photo of the Week – Surprisingly Green Zimbabwe




I think one of the things that amazed me most about Africa during my overland trip was the diversity of the landscapes.  I had always imagined the entire continent of Africa as a dry, flat savannah with tall grasses and lions hidden within.  I found out during my overland trip through South Africa, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe that the scenery was so incredibly varied.  From the game parks in South Africa, the amazing (and very hot!) beaches and islands in Mozambique, to the lush landscapes, mountains, and ruins in Zimbabwe – I was always surprised about what I was going to find around the next bend.


This shot was taken out the window of my overland vehicle as we overtook this friendly gent in his cart in Zimbabwe.  The lushness of the vegetation and the mountains in the background were a total surprise to me.


What places have your visited that have been a total surprise?


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