Travel Photo of the Week – Himalayan Chaps


Himalayan Monk


Trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal was one of those mind blowing adventures that I look back on and forget about all of the struggles that it took me to get there.  Every memory of that adventure is sweet – even though I know that I had a rough time with the altitude and who could forget all of the yak dung burning stoves!  I still am just amazed by the beauty of the area and the awe inspiring experience!


After trekking for several days through small villages and constantly surrounded by clouds, I woke up one morning to partial sunshine and the realization that I was surrounded by some of the largest peaks in the world.  It was such a spectacular view and really just made me feel so lucky to even be there to see these stunning mountains.  I came across these two fellows during my trekking later on that day and just found the backdrop so brilliant.  Even when I look at this photo now I am just blown away by the magnitude of the Himalayas.  Looks like these two chaps were planning on lighting a bonfire – maybe to cook up some yaks or just to keep warm – who knows!  I wish I would’ve stopped to ask!  Maybe we could’ve shared s’mores!

What other amazing traveling or trekking experiences have you had?  I would love to hear about them!  Please share below!


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