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Photo of the Week – Surprisingly Green Zimbabwe

  I think one of the things that amazed me most about Africa during my overland trip was the diversity of the landscapes.  I had always imagined the entire continent of Africa as a dry, flat savannah with tall grasses and lions hidden within.  I found out during my overland trip through South Africa, Mozambique, […]

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Photo of the Week – Watch out for snakes!

  This is one of those signs that makes me chuckle every time I look at it!  I’m not sure if I should be worried about the snake kissing me or biting me!  Either way I figured it was wise to look out for snakes on this trail.  I also better be sure not to […]

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Travel Photo of the Week – Giraffes in Kruger, South Africa

  It is so incredibly amazing to be driving along through Kruger National Park in South Africa and to see your first giraffe!  For me, it wasn’t just one giraffe, but two!  I wish I could put into words how mind blowing it is. Imagine yourself in this little minivan or land cruiser meandering through […]

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