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The Not So Grand Bazaar? Istanbul, Turkey

    I had visions of magic carpets flying through the air, incense burning, people smoking hookah pipes and drinking tea, a few random animals meandering, and a secret shop around a corner that I had to say Open Sesame in order to get in!   I had heard so much about how wonderful the […]

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Worth getting up at Dawn? Sunrise in Cappadocia

When our alarm went off at dawn, I seriously wondered if this would be worth it.  Did I really want to really want to crawl out from under this wonderful, warm, down comforter pull on gloves and a beanie and trek up a hill?  “Hell, no!” my cold hating, sleep loving body answered.  Really, on […]

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Adventures in Turkey

  You must be wondering what is this crazy girl doing wearing a skirt and tank in the snow!  But, hey, that’s not snow!  It really looks like it though – doesn’t it?  Absolutely stunning to wander through the natural formations at the base of the Heirapolis ruins in Turkey.  They call them travertines – […]

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