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Our Trip to Patagonia

First of all let me start with something that is pretty obvious when you look at a map, South America is freaking huge!  Brazil alone is the size of the US (not including Alaska). When you look at Argentina it’s as long as the US is wide. Because I sometimes forget this in terms of […]

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Argentine Patagonia Gallery

This is one trip everyone should try and do! So much is still unspoiled wilderness, cared for by both the travelers, national park workers and locals alike. The magic and splendor of the Patagonia range is almost impossible to put into words. We were so lucky to get incredible weather for nearly our entire trip, […]

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Weekly Photo – Iguazu Falls in Brazil & Argentina

  Oh how I love waterfalls!  Something about the awe I feel in being privileged to see something so powerful and beautiful all at the same time. Iguazu Falls, or Iguassu, spelling depending on who you ask, is absolutely amazing.  It’s on the UNESCO World Heritage list and is made up of 275 falls.  For […]

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